Peace of Mind


Property and Business owners look for reassurance that their premises and places of work are secure & safe, and that the very best security & safety provision is in place at the most cost effective price. Full time security may not be the best solution but Mobile Patrols can provide a maximum presence and due to randomness of visit, ensure that businesses have the best and most effective support.

Reassurance can be provided by the attendance of a uniformed security officer in a liveried vehicle who will patrol the property at random times throughout the night, as many times as is deemed suitable to create the best effect.

The Patrols used in conjunction with highly visible signage placed on the perimeter of the property will act as a deterrent and make sure that opportunist thieves or vandals will judge the location to be too risky to venture onto. This high visibility security then makes your business one to leave alone as the risk of detection is too high.

Sector carries out mobile patrols, open and close services nationally ensuring that clients’ premises are secure and ready for business.

Our close patrols can include health and safety and environmental checks at your premises to facilitate a safe working environment whilst reducing your businesses carbon footprint.

Our 24 hour control room co-ordinates all mobile and access requests and reports are generated to confirm our attendance on-site and highlight any issues found.